How is Our Education System Coping with Corona Pandemic?

skill enhancement courses, modern language institutes, short courses
skill enhancement courses, modern language institutes, short courses

These times are challenging. When it’s all about survival, the secondary necessities are somewhat pushed behind the curtain. The efficient continuity of our lifestyle seems like a puzzle, which needs to be solved as soon as possible.

According to the World Bank, around eighty percent of the children are out of school today. The world was already facing issues like unstandardized educational systems; lack of updated syllabus, untrained staff, limited resources, and all, and now another threat is roaming over our heads with a huge population being outside the learning facilities.

Most of the students in developing or poor countries already lack the skills needed to survive life needs, now with the pandemic going on, a little chance of learning is also diminishing for our youngsters.

If educational authorities don’t plan and implement strategies to cater to this situation, the system will get worse or probably collapse.

How the Global Pandemic Is Affecting Modern Educational Infrastructure?

The crisis is impacting in many obvious ways like in learning discrepancies or loss, increased dropout rate, and unfinished skill enhancement courses from modern language institutes. Many countries don’t have an equal education system across the board. Therefore, this COVID-19 situation will rain over the unfortunate ones more and not in a pleasant way.

Let’s get through every aspect precisely.

The Loss of Learning

The pause in the educational activities and short courses has affected teachers, parents, and students alike. The need of the hour is to develop effective remote learning strategies, known as online learning/E-Learning.

Institutions with adequate resources are more prepared to get on with online learning capabilities. However, many schools, colleges, short courses institutes are not capable of getting along with this mode of teaching.

Similarly, many students are not fortunate enough to have all the facilities like the Internet, laptop, and books, at home. COVID-19 has given us the opportunity to balance the inequality for a consistent learning pace among all. Fortunately, many authorities are realizing that online learning methods are only beneficial for upper-class students. Therefore, other methods like podcasts, video recordings, tutorials, etc. should be also be included in the course.

Telecommunication companies can also play an important role in learning. They can offer packages or no tax policies to download educational material. TV and Radio can also be useful educational tools. An example is the prime minister’s initiative to dedicate a channel for primary learners. Through social media platforms, communication can also be streamlined for a clearer understanding. Remote learning is certainly not just about online classes, but a mix of media resources to reach every student possible.

Keeping Students’ Interest in Studies

Keeping students’ interest in studies is difficult. The dropout rate is quite high, and the education pause will only add to this cause.

Going to modern language institutes was not only to get an education, but it was also about acquiring skills, polishing actions, and get ready for practical life. With universities, colleges, and technical skills institutes closed, getting social skills will be challenging for students. Therefore, it is up to families to create an environment where students learn to be responsible citizens.

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